Monday, November 05, 2007

Bridport Slam

Attention Purbeck! Peter John Cooper is taking part in the Bridport Slam. I need all the support I can get. Please come along if you possibly can. I'll even give you a lift. I will be up against the best of the best so come and make a noise. below are details of how it works......


Where: Bridport Arts Centre, South Street, Bridport, Dorset

When: Friday November 16th @ 7.30pm

Could all slammers please try to arrive by 6.30pm (7pm by the very latest).

Any problems on the night please call Richard on 07939-044086 or the venue on 01308-424024.

12 slammers each performing twice.

There will be two rounds of three minutes each per poet.

The 3 minutes start as soon as you speak on the mic, ie it includes any introductions you might want to give the poem.

Order of performance will be drawn on or before the night and will be reversed in the second round.

5 judges will be chosen at random from the audience and briefed to award marks based on quality of writing, performance and audience reaction.

No friends/family of any slammers will be chosen as judges. If you have any friends/family in the audience please ensure that they know that they can’t agree to be a judge if asked.

Please encourage as many friends/family/strangers to come along and support.

The top and bottom marks awarded by the 5 judges will be discounted (to avoid any potentially bizarre judging) and the middle three scores (which could range from 0.0 to 10.0) added together.

A “sacrificial” poet will perform before the slam starts and will be awarded by points by the judges so they can get an idea of what’s expected of them.

There will be a 10 second grace period before any penalty points kick in. Thereafter there will be a 1 point penalty for every 10 seconds overtime ie if your poem is 3 minutes 9 seconds you’re fine but if it’s 3 minutes 11 seconds you lose 1 point, 3 minutes 21 seconds, 2 points etc.

The winner of the slam will be the poet with the highest aggregate score overall, ie the two rounds added together.

If there is a tie there will be a sudden death play-off between the relevant poets (so have a third poem up your sleeve).

The winner will receive £100 and an Apples & Snakes gig in 2008 and will have the opportunity to perform a third poem on the night.

Everyone else will receive adulation from the audience.

As well as the Slam there will appearances from special guests including the inimitable Byron Vincent and a top poet from the USA and a short set featuring performances from some of the participants in a youth slam workshop run earlier in the day.

MC - the 2006 World Slam Champion and Radio 4 regular Elvis McGonagall.

If you haven’t already done so could you please confirm that you’re able to take part asap by email to: Richard at Apples & Snakes South-West -

Equally, if you can’t now take part, no problem just email me asap so I can let the next person on the waiting list know.

And finally, a couple of tips for anyone who hasn’t slammed before:

1 – Time your poems beforehand.

2 – If they’re comic poems allow for audience laughter – it’ll make the poem longer.

Any problems/questions – give me a shout on the email address above.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Quarrying for Ideas

I'm going to Landers Quarry tomorrow at 10.15 am to find out something about new ideas for creative thinking. Let's all go. A brilliant idea by Tara Dominick. Tea and buns in the Worth cafe afterwards I believe. Tara says to bring wellingtons.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Swanage Seen

Dear All,

*Joy of Joys!*
I have just heard from Councillor Hadley that the *Swanage Seen, Art Trail Project* will be on the agenda for discussion at the Swanage Town Council meerting this *Monday 15th October 7pm.* As this is the meeting members of the public are allowed to speak in the first 20 minutes we would like as many people as possible there to support the project. We will have the first three boards that are completed there on display,( you can view the Paul Nash at the Heritage Centre)

It is now over a year since I first got in touch with the Swanage Town Council and it still seems to be the siting and planning permissions that are holding us back. I would really like to see this project up and running as I have devoted so much of my time and energy and need to concentrate on my own work.

A *Big Thank you* to Strata, The Quarr Gallery & everyone who has helped.

Please could you forward this to all Strata members and people who would be interested.

All the Best


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bridport Slam!


Apples & Snakes present the first ever poetry slam at the Bridport Prize Live! literary festival on Friday November 16th at the Bridport Arts Centre in sunny Dorset.

MC’d by the 2006 World Slam Champion and Radio 4 regular Elvis McGonagall, there will be two rounds of three minutes each with a £100 cheque and an Apples & Snakes gig in 2008 for the winner.

VERY limited number of places available.

If you’d like to take part email Richard at Apples & Snakes South-West asap -

First come, first served. As it were.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Here's Your Chance. Be a roadie........

I'm looking for a Roadie.
Now I’m starting to do a few gigs round the area - and being disabled, though I can walk a bit – I’m looking for help to get me there with my equipment. That’s a keyboard, PA and a couple of stands. It’s all relatively lightweight, nothing weighs more than about 35 lbs/15 kg.
So you’ll need a car or other vehicle and to be able to carry stuff. I’m looking for a few different people to do a bit now and then, unless I can find just one reliable person.
There’s money in it for you too!
You can contact me on 01929 422338.
Best Wishes,
Steve Darrington
PS the new festival's looking good, see I've just added Ocean's Seven, a 7 piece Jump Jive outfit with members of Jools Holland's band, for the Kings Bar!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

California Dreamin'

dear all I am having a Social for Strata- ites, anybody that knows me or is interested in the arts in Purbeck (ie opportunity for networking -or just an excuse for a glass of vino!). it is this wed evening (5th September) short notice but hope you can make it. look forward to seeing you all. let me know if you can make it so I can sort chairs, glasses etc and car parking - others that you know who you think may want to come along are welcome.

details below

BARBECUE (or if necessary under cover (without the live flame effect!) in the studio) at California Cottage (Karens Place) PRIESTS WAY, SWANAGE
(BH19 2RS if you need to do map search but carry on up through Swanage coastal park caravan site and then a further quarter mile up over hill towards to cliffs), this Wednesday evening (5th Sept) from 7pm.
warm clothes as it is getting chilly and I get the breezes off the sea.
bring a bottle and something small to nibble.
hope you can make it

Cheers Karen (delahay)

Friday, August 31, 2007

From Swanage with Love

As Europe's surrealists met in Paris cafes to hotly debate the very nature of art, what were their British counterparts up to? Making hats in Dorset. Jane Ure-Smith on the seaside surrealists

From Monday March 5, 2007 The Guardian
'I began to discover that Swanage was surreal' ... Paul Nash's Event on the Downs.

As coastal towns go, Swanage is hardly a seaside idyll. Sprawling around a bay that stretches from the chalky cliffs of Ballard Head to the stubbier Peveril Point, the Dorset town is a hotchpotch of architectural styles. On the front, pinball alleys jostle with fish-and-chip shops. Away from the water, there is more coherence - in the neat, grey-stone high street, for instance, which climbs up to a grand-ish town hall. But Swanage is hardly, at first glance, a place to fire the imagination of artists.

Yet it was this town that inspired Eileen Agar and Paul Nash, the two British artists who came to be known as the "seaside surrealists", making art from what they saw - and found - around Swanage. The pair met and had a passionate affair while staying there with their respective partners in the mid-1930s. Agar, daughter of a Scottish businessman, was born in Buenos Aires, but came to England as a child. The quirkiness of her art - her Ceremonial Hat for Eating Bouillabaisse was an assemblage of objects found on a beach and turned into headwear - quickly landed her in the surrealist camp.
London-born Nash, 10 years her senior, was famous for his paintings of both world wars. He experimented with numerous modernist styles, but is probably best known now for Totes Meer, his "dead sea" of wrecked German planes painted in 1940, which he hoped would depress the Nazis. But before that, Nash went through a surrealist phase that coincided with a move to Swanage in 1934.
Nash had asthma and hoped the coastal climate would help. Living with his wife Margaret, first in a farmhouse by Ballard Head and later in a seafront flat, he regained his strength and threw himself into a series of decidedly surreal pieces. It wasn't long before he met and fell for Agar, who had taken a house in Swanage for the summer with her long-term partner, Joseph Bard.
The views from his window emerged in such works as Event on the Downs, which depicts a tree trunk and a giant tennis ball heading off together on a journey, and Landscape from a Dream, a clifftop scene with bird and mirror, praised by André Breton. But about the town itself Nash was scathing. In an essay published in 1936 by the Architectural Review, he wrote: "Modern Swanage is of such extreme ugliness, architecturally, that the inhabitants instinctively look out to sea ..."
Neither Nash nor Agar was a surrealist in the sense of being a member of the Paris-based group. The British surrealists - including artists such as Graham Sutherland and Henry Moore, neither of whom we think of as surrealists today - were a looser group. Fascinated by the strangeness of the natural world, they cherry-picked the ideas percolating in Parisian cafes. Nash bought into Breton's notion that a statue standing in the street is just a statue; if, however, the statue is lying in a field, it is "in a state of surrealism" - and becomes somewhat disquieting. It was an idea that made sense to him in Swanage.
Soon after he moved there, Nash read a review of his photographic work in a magazine. The writer, Raymond Mortimer, insisted that the pictures were surrealist and Nash found the idea appealing. "They planted ideas in my mind which, deliberately, I allowed to grow," he wrote. "I began gradually to discover that Swanage was definitely ... surrealist."
For Nash, Swanage's strangeness was complemented by the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and seascapes, and images that could suddenly take shape before his eyes. "I am not likely to forget the morning when, from my window, I beheld a solitary swan wheel over the south-west and plane down not far short of the pier," he wrote. Swanage's swan took on a mystical significance: perceiving it in the design of new seats on the esplanade, he snapped away with his camera.
During the 1930s, much of Agar's work, like Nash's, focused on natural objects. She often saw in them the funny side: her aptly named Bum-Thumb Rock is a case in point, one of a set of photographs of odd rock formations she took while on holiday in Brittany. The accident of coming across these rocks, lying like "enormous prehistoric monsters, a great buttock ending in a huge thumb, or a gigantic head tuned with organ pipes ... all sculpted by the sea ..." prompted Agar to rush off and buy a Rolleiflex and make photography a part of her repertoire.
Later, Agar was the only female artist to have her work included in the 1936 International Surrealist Exhibition in London. On Nash's recommendation, the show's organisers visited Agar's studio and selected several works. She was puzzled: "One day I was an artist exploring personal combinations of form and content, and the next I was calmly informed I was a surrealist!"
The sea held a certain terror for Nash because he almost drowned as a child, but he came to love it on the coast. With Agar, he scanned the shores for found objects to develop into artworks. Seashore Monster at Swanage, based on a "snakey monster" Agar found in the sand at Lulworth Cove, was one of their collaborations. "Digging like a child hunting for treasure, I unpebbled a long snakey monster with a bird's beak," Agar recalls in her memoirs. "It was an old anchor chain, metamorphosed by the sea into a new creation, a snake bird." They both photographed the object, Nash incorporating it into his photo-collage, Swanage.
Snakes, birds and flight had become part of the private mythology shared by Nash and Agar. When she ended their affair, Nash wrote to her: "If we break now, we break at the peak of our flight where we had climbed like two birds who make love in mid-air heedless of where they soar. We have not yet taken down our bright sky".

Strata Live! Pictures

See what you missed

So make sure you get to the next one on September 18th

Purbeck Film Academy Awards

Purbeck Film Academy Premiere and Awards Evening

Sunday 2nd September 2007 from 5pm at Mowlem Theatre Swanage.

First screening of 3 short films on the theme of 'lost' made by local 11-13 year olds with Purbeck Film Academy.

Award will be given for best film as judged by the audience.

Come along and vote.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No More Arts in Worth?

The Worth Centre has been sold to a property developer and there is a current application in at the Council to re-develop it into 4 Residential Dwellings.

Apparently the community of Worth and, in fact, many residents of Purbeck, feel that this application should be opposed.

The main opposition is to the Change of Use, from Business to Residential, as it will mean the loss of local employment opportunities and of course the loss of opportunity for local artists to have another venue at which they can exhibit.

The general feel is that perhaps the business has never been realised to its full potential and that now is the time and opportunity for that to happen.
If this Application is approved this opportunity will be lost forever as there seems to be no other site available for business in Worth.

If you are interested follow this link for more information, the fuller story and examples of letters of opposition that have already been sent in.

The person to send letters to is Ros Drane (

Thanks for taking the time to read this. It maybe doesn't affect you directly but is perhaps an opportunity for one community to help another for Art's sake.

Kind Regards

Kate Cross

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Purbeck Footprints

OPPORTUNITY: Workshops for Writers

As part of the Purbeck Heritage Trust’s Purbeck Keystone Project, Artsreach has commissioned the writer Paul Hyland to lead Purbeck Footprints, an initiative which aims to stimulate new, high-quality writing about the local stone industry. Please see the attached sheet regarding this opportunity.

Most people who see quarrs from the footpath or stone lorries on the road have little idea of the quality of work that Purbeck has exported from both its cliffstone and Purbeck stone and marble quarries. Some have heard quaint stories about the Ancient Order of Purbeck Marblers and Stone Cutters or dramatic tales of wrecks and smuggling connected with the quarries. Few understand the scale and difficulty of the stone business or appreciate the impact of Purbeck craftsmen and materials on national and international architecture.

There are many areas for research and chances to record oral history. Paul’s writing workshop will be an opportunity to network and share resources as well as to stimulate and feed back on new writing and work-in-progress. Paul is a poet, travel writer, biographer and broadcaster; he will bring his expertise in these areas to the table together with his experience in encouraging good writing from workshop participants.

The workshops will be linked to a special series of walks exploring all aspects of the stone industry – geology, quarrying, the craft of the stonemasons… and we will invite experts in the stone industry, its history and craft, to some of the workshops.

The workshops (ten sessions – 7.30-9.30 pm) will start at weekly intervals in October 2007, then become fortnightly (as well as leaving a six-week gap for the Christmas period) and finish in March 2008. We still have to decide the venue and day of the week, but they will be held either on a Monday or a Wednesday and the venue will be in Purbeck, in the heart of stone country. The fee for all ten sessions is £50 (concessions available).

Places will be limited – if you are interested in finding out more, please contact Angie Green as soon as possible – / 01305 269512.

Best wishes

Angie Green

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Strata Logo

Arts Hub

Not sure where to add new items..but thought someone in this group might be interested in this job is an arts website. We are known as one of the best places to find an arts job in the UK. But did you also know we are a central hub for UK and international arts news across the performing arts, film, writing and publishing, history and heritage, music, visual arts and more? Arts Hub is seeking writers who are located all over the UK to contribute occasional features, news stories and columns that are relevant to the arts in your particular region/area of interest.If you have an interest in writing for the arts please get in touch with our UK Editor, Emma Sorensen at £50-£75 per feature, depending on article complexity/experience

Strata Live! Cafe Culture in Swanage

Tara took these pictures on her phone camera at the July Open Mike evening. We all had a brilliant time. Don't miss the next one on August 21st.


Andy Martin came all the way down from Cambridge

Pete couldn't make it in the end

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Strata Meeting for August

The August Strata Meeting has been postponed until Wednesday 8th August (On account of fireworks, skydivers and general mafecking about in Swanage). Usual time and place - 7.30 at Quarr Gallery, 17 High Street, Swanage. Bring a bottle and have a convivial evening discussing matters of interest to creatives in Purbeck.

Paul Angel asked that we discuss his ideas (below) and I think we should.

Paul Angel - 5th June 2007

30 word simple mission statement:“Strata is a group of creative people who aim to promote and encourage the arts in Purbeck by helping to attract funding, to organise events and to support arts projects.”

Seven things we should be focussing on:
1 - Getting Strata known amongst the broader arts community in Purbeck.How? Hosting a regular informal arts networking opportunity, on the first ……………. of the month in the same pub at the same time - in the style of the Bournemouth & Poole networking evening. Invites should be sent to everyone we can think of with an interest in the arts in Purbeck, both by post and online. This would be something where you might just be meeting a group of friends every month, but NOT a meeting, and not an event, so no pressure for anyone, but worth doing for the networking.
2 - Get the website sorted out.The website should be a potential first point of contact. It should represent both the arts and Purbeck, and should be completely inclusive of all Purbeck’s creatives. People should want to be on it. Personally, I’m happy to work on it without funding, though of course funding would help.
3 - Get some paperwork.We need business cards and maybe even a leaflet. Something beautiful to give to people that we meet, something more than a winning smile and burst of enthusiasm.
4 - Supporting arts projects to raise our profile.How? We already are, with Swanage seen. Exactly as we should be.
5 - Finding funding for an ‘exhibition organiser‘.How? In my opinion, Strata’s key role should be in helping to create ‘showing’ opportunities for local artists, and even for well-known artists from outside. This could be by liaising with local showing spaces, including cafes, pubs etc, with advice on choosing the right artwork for the space, timings, fees/commission, publicity etc.. This could take up a lot of time, which is why funding for the person involved could be important.
6 - Keeping a log of funding opportunities.Working with DCA, perhaps, we need a list of potential funding bodies, either bodies specifically interested in the arts, or with coastal communities. This could be kept on the website. If someone has an idea for funding, they can ask Strata for support, and if we agree that the application is a good one, we can provide support in appropriate ways.
7 - Being inclusive.Some people still question the value of Strata and don’t feel as though they can be, or want to be, involved. The points above would help remedy this, particularly point 1, but it is important to make sure that we are absolutely clear that we welcome all of Purbeck’s creatives, and that we make positive invitations to any get-togethers to all of Purbeck’s galleries, art clubs, crafts groups and festival organisers. We need to get Swanage working together, guys!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ANOTHER poetry event

Love, Love, Love

Rob Hughes invites you to celebrate love with a delightful evening of
love poetry at Boscombes’ brightest New True Food café.
Cafe Boogaloo is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening of
classic love poetry and new works by local poets.
From 7:30 this Friday (the 27th of July) Rob Hughes, Johanna Lawrence
and others will be reading the most beautiful, sexy and humorous poems
celebrating romantic love.
In the first half of the evening classic love poems will be celebrated.
If you have a favourite you’d like to hear bring it along and read it
or have it read for you.

The second half of the night is new works. In an “open mike” kind of
way we hope to encourage the audience to read their own works.
I know I’ll be reading mine…

There will be “prizes”. Tokens of love.

Café Boogaloo is on Christchurch Road on the pedestrianised bit of
Boscombe opposite Barclays bank and near Specsavers. The sun will be
shining on Friday and you will find plenty of parking nearby. For those
of you not driving (well done you) there are frequent busses from
Bournemouth Square to Boscombe.

Entrance is a mere £3 English pounds. (Pay on the door) You are
encouraged to fully indulge in the beneficent hospitality of
Boogaloos’s brilliant owners Josh and Joel and enjoy the excellent food and tasty beverages.

Love Poetry @ Boogaloo’s is presented in conjunction with The
Bournemouth Literary Festival.

And now a poem I just wrote

Instructions for seductions

Soothe‘er with Shakespeare,
Relish ‘er with Raleigh.
Desire her with Donne.
Worship her with Wordsworth.
Beguile her with Baret Browning.
Bed her with Byron.

Rob Hughes 2007

Elvis is in House (Square and Compass anyway)

TheBlue Suede SporranClub
(it’s poetry jim - but not as we know it! and it’s free!)
@ the square & compass,
worth matravers, dorset

thursday 26th july @8.30pm

hosted by Elvis McGonagall
(World Slam Champion, Radio 4 “Saturday Live” regular
and poet-in-residence at the Graceland Caravan Park)

and starring
Ms Rachel Pantechnicon
(surprisingly attractive 40 year old ingénue specialising in motivational poems for cats and for people. Some with illustrations. “I was weeing myself” – Sue Perkins)
Mr AF Harrold
(an English eccentric who does things that are unusual on the stage, at home and in the bath. “Made me cry” – Leonard Cohen, “Illuminates nothing” – The Nail)
and Spoz
(a self-appointed ambassador for Birmingham, as well as the city’s current poet laureate – but don’t let that put you off. Let his poems do that for you instead. “Bostin’” – as they say in Brum)

for further info email:


a blue suede sporran production

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dorset Drama Conference

Bournemouth Theatre in Education, WAVE & DEPARTURES present
Dorset Drama Conference 13 July 2007

Friday 13 Jul, 9.00 – 4.30pm at Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts, Boscombe
Drama and theatre education can span subject areas, artforms, environments and communities. How can we use drama and theatre in new ways, working from new stimuli and in new environments, to deliver inspirational learning opportunities for children and young people?

This exciting course offers a great opportunity to join other drama practitioners running drama workshops with young people in formal and informal settings in an inspirational day of talks, workshops and performances, run by leading national drama educators and theatre practitioners. From adapting novels for drama, to performing in new, site specific settings, DRAMA – TEXT, SPACE AND OBJECTS, will allow you to learn and play yourself, trying out other artforms and reminding you just why you like to practise drama!

With Paul Bunyan (NATE Drama Representative), Anthony Waller, Nettie Scriven and others. Don’t miss this chance!!!

£70 for teachers in schools
£40 for freelance drama practitioners
For further details T.01202 452720 or e-mail

Attention Writers

The next South West New Writing Network Meeting will be held at the Lighthouse Poole on July 6th from 1.30pm – 4pm at the Lighthouse in Poole. The South West New Writing Network is a network of writers and producers from throughout the South West region. We meet quarterly in different parts of the south west to update each other on what we’re doing, network, and discuss emerging issues. We’ve also had some workshops and other events, and are seeding more for the future. The network first came out of an invitation in Spring 2004 by the playwright Kaite O’Reilly and some of her colleagues at Exeter University to meet with them to begin discussions on new theatre writing across the South West. The intention was to explore what is happening and what is not and what might be done. Specifically - we hoped, over time, to foster better connections between activity and initiatives that happen across a very large area. The network’s membership is now at around 150 playwrights and producers and is growing all the time. Members meet when they can at the regional meetings, but are also kept up to date with information through an email list. In December 2005 we were awarded money by Arts Council England to continue to fund and develop the network. This money is now coming to an end, but we are currently working with Theatre South West on a bid to fund a further 18 months worth of activity. It would be wonderful if you would be interested in coming along to this meeting. Please let me know if you are interested in hearing more, or if you cannot make the meeting, would like to be added onto the email list and kept up to date.

Sarah DickensonInformation and Research dramatic writers the tools they need to build better careers and redefine the culture in which they work....Cabin V, Clarendon Buildings, 25 Horsell Road, London N5 1XLT: +44 20 7609 7474 F: +44 20 7609 7557 E: W:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Training the Trainer Event for Creative Industries Advisors

A Training the Trainer Event for Creative Industries Advisors
10th July 2007, Heelis, Swindon. Fee: £45, including lunch
Arts Compass -
navigating creative success!
Arts Compass is a training course for
advisors, coaches and mentors working
with creative businesses. Arts Compass
aims to develop skills in helping creative
enterprises navigate their way to business
and creative success.
You will come away from this event
with innovative methods for supporting
the growth of creative businesses, an
understanding of the economic impact
of the creative industries in the South
West,and an introduction to developments
in key issues affecting creative
businesses. The day also provides an
overview of the range of support agencies,
advice services and training opportunities
available to creative businesses locally
and nationally.
The course is suitable for anyone working
with creative businesses and artists in an
advisory capacity, formally or informally,
including art form specialists, business
advisors, mentors, coaches, and local
authority arts offi cers.
Booking deadline: 29th June
This Arts Compass event forms part of
the ‘Training the Trainer’ strand of the
South West creative industries Skills
Development Programme, funded by the
South West Regional Development Agency
and Arts Council England South West.
Places for this event are strictly limited
and booking is essential. To receive a
bookingform, please contact ArtsMatrix on
or call 0117 915 0190.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Low cost training for artists and makers.

Walford Mill Crafts and Arts Matrix are inviting expressions of interest>from artists and makers for a series of Continuing Professional Development programmes scheduled for September/October 2007. This programme will need to secure a minimum of 20 artists/makers to go ahead and we would ask that if you are interested in participating that you send your details to Jenny Gordon, Education Officer, Walford Mill Crafts, Stone Lane, Wimborne, BH21 1NL or email asap. We are offering two seminar and work based learning programmes:
Makers to Tutors and Makers-Gallery Success
Makers to Tutors This programme offers artists and craftspeople training and work based learning on how to make the transition from artist/maker to workshop tutor. This programme has arisen out of the need to expand the pool of artists able to offer workshops to adults and children in Dorset. Teaching workshops can>be a valuable source of extra income for artists as well as being a very rewarding experience. This low cost training is designed to provide you with all the skills you need to get started as well as providing mentored workshop shadowing and practical experience. The programme has three parts:Part 1 Proposed date Friday 28th September 2007>9.15am - 4.30pm Packaging workshops for Art and Craft Centres* How to Structure and Teach Workshops* Child Protection Training, working with vulnerable adults, Health and Safety* Tips from experienced workshop leaders* A practical toolkit to take away
Part 2 Workshop Shadowing - Maximum 9 hours training We will offer students the opportunity to shadow an experienced workshop tutor who will mentor them. Students will be able to choose from the following packages. Children's Workshops:Students will shadow 2 X 2 hour children's workshops = 4 hours mentoring Adult Workshops: Students will shadow 1 X 5 hour adult workshop = 5 hours mentoring
Part 3 Work Based Learning Students will be offered the chance to submit a proposal of either a 2 X>hour children's workshop or a half day 3 X hour adult or teenage workshop. Successful candidates will have their workshops programmed at Walford Mill Crafts. The workshop will be assessed by the Education Officer for quality,>content and delivery. On successful evaluation students may become regular tutors for Walford Mill Crafts. Students are encouraged to take part in all parts of the programme; the approximate cost of taking part in all aspects of the programme will be around £100. Workshop leaders with some experience wishing to attend only>Part 1 may do so, fee tbc

Makers - Gallery Success This programme offers makers and craftspeople the opportunity to improve their approach to galleries and their success rate in gaining works through exhibiting or selling their craftwork. This programme has arisen form the need for makers and craftspeople to be aware of simple marketing techniques>that can improve their chances of getting their foot in the door. Making that initial approach to galleries and craft centres can be a daunting process. This package will give you the practical skills needed to help you make a well researched and professional approach, awareness of how your work will fit into that gallery, what elements of your work are saleable /commercial, pricing your work, as well as practical tips on being a self-employed maker.
Part 1 Seminar - Proposed date 24th October 2007 9.15am - 4.30pm - 6 Hours Making the approach to Art and Craft Centres* Introduction to Marketing* Tips from successful makers* Research, Pricing and Saleability* A practical Toolkit to take away
Part 2 Critique Sessions Proposed dates 25th&26th October 20 places. Each artistwill receive a 30 minute session with a panel of three highly respected craft professionals. The panel will look with you at your portfolio and advise on the direction of your work and possibilities for commercial sales and exhibitions.

Continuing Professional Development sessions are also available to book. These sessions will be led by Keturah Warren at Arts matrix on an individual appointment only basis. Students are encouraged to take part in both parts of this programme; the approximate cost will be around £60.
Keturah Warren, Professional Development Coordinator, ArtsMatrix Dorset, Enterprise Pavilion, Fern Barrow, Wallisdown, Dorset BH12 5HH tel: 01202 853642 Please note that there is now a £10 booking fee for our one-to-one>professional development sessions. Thanks to generous support from South West Regional Development Agency and Arts Council England South West, we are still able to offer this popular service (worth £300-plus in the private sector) at a significantly subsidised rate. The booking fee is a once-off charge and there will be no fee for follow-up sessions. ArtsMatrix is the professional skills development agency for the arts and creative industries in the South West. Visit><> for news, resources and opportunities and to sign up for our free bulletin.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Reghu Nadhan

Reghu Nadhan will be doing workshops at GO GLOBAL FESTIVAL, Stourhead, Fontmell Magna, 16th/17th june

KATHAKALI Perfomances at

Ancient Technolgy Centre, Cranborne, Dorset
23 June 7.30 pm Tickets £7.50 adults £3.50 children unmder 16 from east Dorset heritage trust, Allendale House, Hanham Road, Wimborne Minster BH21 1AS tel: 01202 888992 cheque payable to A.T.C Friends account (sae please)

Sunday July 1st at 7.30pm
Bookings tel 01929 426654

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Creative Teas

To launch Creative Dorset we held breakfast network meetings in May in Blandford, Bridport, Sherborne and Poole. Over 140 people working in a huge variety of creative industries attended to find out what we are about and how we might help them. The response was amazingly positive and dynamic so now we are holding Creative Teas in different corners of the county to enable more people to get together and help those who find it difficult to function so early! If you would like to join us for a free cream tea and to hear from some of the people who can provide training and support for you, let us know as soon as possible.

All of the teas will run from 4-6pm and the dates are:
July 11- Sundeck Room, Weymouth Pavilion
July 16 - The Blue Pool Tea House, Wareham
July 18 - The Boathouse Restaurant, on the Quay at Christchurch
July 19 - The Enterprise Connection, Poundbury

Please pass this on to anyone else who works in a creative business – if you are not sure what that includes there is a definition below. If you have a burning issue, or question, or service you would like to share at the Creative Tea please email us and we will try to accommodate you. Dominic Tambling Director, Creative Dorset 0798 361 8 361

The creative industries are defined as being based on individual creativity, skill and talent or those that create wealth and jobs through developing intellectual property. They include: advertising, architecture, art and antiques markets, computer and video games, crafts, design, designer fashion, film and video, music, performing arts, publishing, software, television and radio

Durlston Shapeshift Project

Dear all

To let you all know that the private view prior to the opening of the exhbition from the work of the Shapeshift project at Durlston has been set for 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday 11th July at Durlston Castle.
For further information on the Project see

If there are people who you think would like to receive an invite please let me know

Best wishes

Open Mike

If you haven't been before, now's your chance. Whether you're a poet, stand up comic or hip hop artist come and have a go. And if you want to sit and listen, sip a glass of wine (bring your own bottle) and savour the ambience, this is your chance for a wonderfully whacky night out. Nobody knows what's going to happen but we can guarantee it will be different.

This month we're at Earthlights (opposite the Library), High Street Swanage.
That's Tuesday 19th June at 7.30.
Bring Aunty Mabel.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Strata some Thoughts

Paul Angel - 5th June 2007
30 word simple mission statement:
“Strata is a group of creative people who aim to promote and encourage the arts in Purbeck by helping to attract funding, to organise events and to support arts projects.”

Seven things we should be focussing on:

1 - Getting Strata known amongst the broader arts community in Purbeck.
How? Hosting a regular informal arts networking opportunity, on the first ……………. of the month in the same pub at the same time - in the style of the Bournemouth & Poole networking evening. Invites should be sent to everyone we can think of with an interest in the arts in Purbeck, both by post and online. This would be something where you might just be meeting a group of friends every month, but NOT a meeting, and not an event, so no pressure for anyone, but worth doing for the networking.

2 - Get the website sorted out.
The website should be a potential first point of contact. It should represent both the arts and Purbeck, and should be completely inclusive of all Purbeck’s creatives. People should want to be on it. Personally, I’m happy to work on it without funding, though of course funding would help.

3 - Get some paperwork.
We need business cards and maybe even a leaflet. Something beautiful to give to people that we meet, something more than a winning smile and burst of enthusiasm.

4 - Supporting arts projects to raise our profile.
How? We already are, with Swanage seen. Exactly as we should be.

5 - Finding funding for an ‘exhibition organiser‘.
How? In my opinion, Strata’s key role should be in helping to create ‘showing’ opportunities for local artists, and even for well-known artists from outside. This could be by liaising with local showing spaces, including cafes, pubs etc, with advice on choosing the right artwork for the space, timings, fees/commission, publicity etc.. This could take up a lot of time, which is why funding for the person involved could be important.

6 - Keeping a log of funding opportunities.
Working with DCA, perhaps, we need a list of potential funding bodies, either bodies specifically interested in the arts, or with coastal communities. This could be kept on the website. If someone has an idea for funding, they can ask Strata for support, and if we agree that the application is a good one, we can provide support in appropriate ways.

7 - Being inclusive.
Some people still question the value of Strata and don’t feel as though they can be, or want to be, involved. The points above would help remedy this, particularly point 1, but it is important to make sure that we are absolutely clear that we welcome all of Purbeck’s creatives, and that we make positive invitations to any get-togethers to all of Purbeck’s galleries, art clubs, crafts groups and festival organisers. We need to get Swanage working together, guys!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Strata Minutes for May

Minutes of Strata Arts Group Meeting

Held on 2nd May 2007

Those present:
Nick Goulding, Karen Delahay, Carlotta Barrow, Chris Burke, Paul Angel, Tara Dominick, Keith Roker and Lesley Licudi. (Jon Bowmer of Bournemouth University, arrived towards the end of the meeting).
Apologies from Wendy Wharam, Jane Ramsey and Peter Cooper.

Wine and welcome

Matters arising from meeting of 4th April
Nick said that in future the minutes would be emailed to everybody on the Strata list as well as appearing on Peter’s blog.
No other matters arising.
Formation of Company
Nick stressed the need to progress with the issue of charitable status now that Strata Arts Ltd is up and running. Karen felt that it was not essential until funding applications are made.
Membership fees were discussed and the scale of fees are as previously agreed: £5 for individuals and £25 for companies/groups. Paul suggested that a form should be drawn up for those wishing to apply for membership.
Karen, Lesley and Keith agreed a time for the following week to meet at Lloyds Bank to open a company account.
Tara asked about aims and objectives for Strata and these were briefly outlined; Karen suggested that they should be posted on the website. Tara also said that the artist Rob Hughes is interested in making links with Strata.
4. Website Development
Paul met with Shannon Ribbons and Richard Jefferys concerning website funding. Paul will follow up on any progress from Shannon’s meeting with Gwynneth Brookes.
An Events function has been added to the website which any Strata member can update using a password obtainable from Paul. Information can be transferred from Peter’s blog as well and any information should be given to Paul. The website address is
More links are essential for the website, any information should be emailed to Paul or Shannon who will add them on. Paul said he was happy to help individuals wishing to develop their own websites.
All work on website development will move forward much faster after Purbeck Arts Week. Karen felt that a map on the website showing locations would be useful and Paul said that he and Shannon are already working on this. Karen also said that photos could be placed on Google Earth.
Tara referred to the opportunities for advertising on the site.

5. Reghu Nadhan
Keith had spoken to Wendy concerning the refusal to grant Reghu a visa, stating various reasons given by the authorities. Nick wrote on behalf of Strata to protest, along with a large number of other organisations and individuals registering an enormous amount of support for him. A fresh application was emailed to David Oswald (the named official dealing with the case) on 2nd May which hopefully will prove successful. It is hoped that Reghu will be here by the 18th May.
6. The Old Malthouse School
Nick referred to the closure of the Old Malthouse School in September which Karen has brought to the attention of Strata following an email received by her from Ann Faulkner on 2nd May. Its future usage is currently undecided and it was agreed that it would be an ideal site for all kinds of events and projects that Strata could promote. Karen had been in discussion with Ann and Richard Wilson from PDC prior to the meeting. It is significant that Strata via Karen (as sitting on the MCTI) was informed of and invited to be part of the possible future use of the Malthouse (from external and relevant individuals/bodies i.e. Ann Faulkner as vice chair of Swanage Town Partnership and MCTI Swanage 20 Year Plan) at such an early stage.
Nick then read out emailed correspondence between Ann Faulkner, Richard Jeffery and Karen discussing the interest of the Market and Coastal Towns Initiative Working Group in the site. Paul asked if Karen would email Ann Faulkner and write to Mr. Spooner of the Old Malthouse on behalf of Strata to register our interest. The group agreed that the site has massive potential as an Arts Centre including workshops, play readings, Open Mike events, tea rooms, artists space, University outreach, exhibition areas etc. Nick expressed the hope that minutes of the meeting would raise further ideas for the usage of the site. Paul referred to the Transitions Towns Network as a resource.
Nick said that the Langton Matravers museum has a considerable interest in part use of the building and that approaches had already been made. They have a huge collection that needs to be housed. Keith also said that the radar collection may also be interested in the space. It was agreed that a hybrid use of the building involving partnerships would be the most viable outcome.
A draft letter for Karen to send to Mr. Spooner was written listing possible partnership interests and Strata’s desired involvement in the use of the site. (Copy attached for information)
7. Project Progress
Carlotta and Chris showed the layouts for the Artists Trail project. The Council did not approve of the free standing display boards for health and safety reasons etc but were happy to have them placed on the walls of certain buildings. The Tourist Information Centre was a possible site and possibly the walls of shelters. The first display could be up within a few weeks. A response from Wessex Water is still awaited.
Articles have appeared in Muse Magazine and Dorset Life along with local papers. Carlotta asked for help from the group in lobbying the Council, writing to the media etc.
Tara introduced to the group Jon Bowmer of Bournemouth University who listed several contacts that would be extremely useful to Strata and particularly in our involvement in the opportunities for the Old Malthouse. Jon felt certain that Bournemouth University would be very interested in a number of projects and was willing to be a main contact for the group as the university are already involved in the local area including the Swanage Town Plan. Jon also said that the university had a particular interest in facilitating the opening up of local museum collections.

Tara and Karen said that the Creative course run at California Barn (by Tara) was very successful, many good connections were made including Rob Hughes.
8. Future Meetings / Socials
The next Open Mike will be on Tuesday 15th May at Earthlights at 7.30pm. Bring a bottle of wine, it’s not known whether corkage applies.
Purbeck Arts Week starts on May 26th to 3rd June.
9. Publicity and Funding
Karen attended a very useful funding workshop and made some interesting contacts including a trainer who would be willing to help Strata.
10. Any Other Business
No other business was discussed.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 6th June 2007 at 7.30 pm at the Quarr Gallery.

Copy of letter sent by Karen drafted during the meeting and completed afterwards:
California Cottage
Priests way
BH19 2RS


Dear Mr Spooner,
I am contacting you on behalf of Strata Arts, a newly formed arts support organisation based in Swanage. The aim of the organisation is to support all those who have an interest in the arts in Purbeck, including the education and access to the arts for the local community and to assist those who which to make an income from the creative industries.
As you may well know the government has designated Dorset as a county that relies heavily on creative industries and recognises that as such the county should be assisted in developing such industries and support those with creative skills.
The Cultural Olympiad of the 2012 Olympics should also be considered as being relevant to the development of cultural events and facilities in the area.

I am one of the directors of Strata which recently became a non-profit making company limited by guarantee. We shall be applying for charitable status soon.
I also sit on the MCTI with Ann Faulkner who contacted you the other day regarding the Old Malthouse. My particular area, of the 20 year plan we have put together, is culture.

Following a Strata meeting on Wednesday evening and feedback from other possibly interested parties regarding the future usage of the Old Malthouse School site, I have been asked to contact you as chairman of the board of Governors of the school voicing our considerable interest in the site.
Members of Strata feel the site has considerable and viable potential for community arts and local educational organisations as an outreach base for their own existing activities.

Being aware of existing plans or desire by certain educational organistaions, to expand into the Purbeck area and the current shortfall of facilities and funding for educational and arts activities in Purbeck, we believe that the following groups and organisations would be interested in using the facilities/site or supportive of such a use:-

Bournemouth University,
Weymouth College
Poole College
Study Gallery, Poole
Bournemouth Arts Institute
Bournemouth Rep Theatre,
The Keystone project group
Living Creatively
Purbeck Arts Group
Purbeck Film Festival organisers
Jurassic Coast Arts Initiative
Cultural Olympiad org
School of Conservation Sciences
Dorset Youth Jazz Festival org.
Swanage jazz Festival
Swanage Blues Festival
Swanage Folk Festival

It would also be ideal as:-
A workspace for local artists and craftpeople and relevant local businesses. A colleague is interested in setting up a system to encourage young local people to find an income from their creativity and maybe develop creative apprenticeships. The apprenticeships offered by the local stone industry could be futher supported at the site ( I am well aware of the Keystone projects and recently had a meeting with Duncan Forbes from the project scheme to discuss this issue)
An exhibition and selling space for artists/crafts work, supported by an attractive visitor centre and social hub for networking opportunities. Having been involved for several years in the Dorset and Purbeck Art weeks I know that the school is a suitable location for such activities.
A performance space and location for rehearsals and play readings, dance and dram workshops.
An ideal location for activity holidays - outdoor activities Climbing/cycling/walking etc, art holidays, wildlife and special interest holidays. I am already involved in this area ( I own a holiday let that includes studio /workspace) and recognise the increasing demand for such holidays. Leeson House and the Allnat centre already deals with young visitors to the area and Brenscombe with adult, primarily outdoor, visitors. However the MCTI have recognised the uniqueness of the area and wish to encourage specific visitors and see activity holidays as a good way to extend the season and increase local trade and income in the quieter periods.

The nature of the site, the existing facilities, accommodation and outdoor space makes it an ideal opportunity to put into place the aims and ideas of so many local user groups. We feel the site could potentially fulfil the criteria and aspirations of the 20 year for Swanage (and the area as defined by the plan) and would consequently receive the necessary support from local and national authorities and relevant organisations.

We as a group (Strata) are willing to take this project forward on the understanding that I (as designated director) will be informed as soon as the Board of Trustee confirms how the site can be used ( a note from Richard Wilson implies that the site is unlikely to be used for residential, but could affordable housing be considered? I will be contacting him directly. Local accommodation on site for those with businesses would be a major consideration) and that the Trustees are informed as soon as possible of our (Strata) interest in the site.

We believe our intended aims and proposed use for the school site would fulfil the criteria/remit of major fundraisers and the needs of potential users. This would therefore put the project in a good position when considering viability and partnership funding.

I and my colleagues are currently contacting relevant organisation and individuals to assess interest and possible users of the site. Initial discussions are very positive.
I look forward to hearing from you and would be interested in meeting you or a colleague to discuss various issues.

Yours Karen Delahay,

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Strata Meeting

Don't forget the Strata meeting for June will be on Wednesday 3rd June at 7.30. Meet at Quarr Gallery, 17 Lower Hight Street, Swanage. Bring a bottle. Lots of interesting things to talk about!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Purbeck Art Week

Welcome to Purbeck Art Week 2007..
Once again we are pleased to welcome you to Purbeck Art Week. Over 60 local artists have opened their homes and studios or joined together to exhibit their work in various venues throughout Purbeck.
Over the years Purbeck Art Week has enjoyed growing support. This year there are over 30 venues covering representing the whole gamut of art and craft, so watch out for the yellow and blue signs indicating an open studio where you will find a warm welcome and a chance to meet the artist if you wish.
Also don’t forget to visit the big group exhibition at Rollington Barn for a cup of tea and a bird’s eye view of all the work on show.
Wherever you go I hope you enjoy this heady mix of Art and the incomparable Purbeck Countryside.
Tony Viney.Chair Purbeck Art Week

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back on Line

I've finally managed to get this show back on the road. Sorry to all those who left comments and I couldn't access. Please send lots of news of arts events happening in and around Purbeck.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Open Mike April

Tuesday 17th April 7.30
(and 3rd Tuesday every month)

Poetry, stories, comedy

Come and read or sit and listen

Downstairs at Alfie's, Institute Road, Swanage

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Winter Sun Exhibition at Quarr Gallery

We have a new show of work by Stephen Bishop from this Friday. We will not be having an official private view but if you would like to drop by on Friday evening from 7 for a glass of wine you will be very welcome. Our show of Stephen's paintings last summer was very successful.

I hope you can make it.
Keith and Jane

Monday, April 02, 2007

Bogdan's War

“Bogdan’s War” was challenging and funny. It was deeply disturbing yet warmly human. Jeremy Paul’s new play about the war in Serbia may have appeared slightly unpromising to the Swanage theatre goer – and, what’s more, performed as a reading rather than a fully staged piece. But it turned out to be a really worthwhile evening’s entertainment (no charge and a glass of wine thrown in free)

The story of the rise of tensions in Belgrade before the war, the eventual bombing of the city and aftermath was told through the eyes of a group of residents and concentrated on their personal interactions. What we needed to know about the politics of the time was delivered to us in intelligent snippets as the protagonists began to understand it themselves.

The cast were excellent and made up in vocal skill what may have been lacking in visuals. For the record they were:
Roger Martin - Tomas
Tara Dominick - Galina
Kraig Thornber - Jiri
Boyd Thompson - Rade
Luke Atkins - Sasha

Patricia Garwood - Narrator.

Directed by the author

It was really refreshing to see good original theatre in Swanage where there are no public facilities or support for the arts. The play was read in the Vista bar and that proved an ingenious way of getting round the fact that we have no theatre available in the town (!) I sincerely hope we see many more projects like this.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


An Introduction to
Kathakali actor
teacherof Kathakali and Kuchipuddi
From Kerala South India.

8 week course starting APRIL 26 th
Thursdays 7p.m-9pm

THE STUDIO, California Farm, Swanage.

Reghu’s web-site
Tel: 01929 426423

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Science Art Environment Residency

Artist Abigail Reynolds will be working with a Micropaleontologist, Samantha Gibbs and a Mathematician, Björn Sandstede to highlight the amazing microscopic story of the rocks in and around Durlston Country Park, near Swanage that form part of the 185 million years of geological time along this World Heritage Site coastline.
She will work with a small group from the local community over May and June 2007 to explore the science behind the landscape and how art can be a tool in considering the significance of the geology along the Jurassic Coast. The final artwork will be exhibited in August and September at Durlston before touring other venues.
We are looking for people who know and love Durlston, and who would like to join a group of 12 people of mixed ages and backgrounds to work with the artist Abigail Reynolds and the selected scientists. This group will work on the research, shape the artworks and this will be an opportunity not only to work with an artist, but to explore the geology of Durlston in great detail. The time commitment for group members will be five meetings in May and June of two-hour duration.
To find out how you can be involved, please come to a presentation by the artist/scientist team on Monday 26th March at 7pm at the Lookout café, Durlston Castle. This will give you details of the project and how you can contribute. If you would like to join the group but unable to attend this meeting please contact Cleo Evans, Visual Arts Development Officer for details of how to register your interest. , 01305 224244.
This presentation is not only for potential group members, but for anybody who wants to know more about the residency that will be held over May and June when Abigail Reynolds will be working on site using the front room of Durlston Castle as her studio.

This artist/scientist collaborative project has received funding from Arts Council England, Dorset AONB Partnership through its sustainable Development Fund, the Fine Family Foundation and the Jurassic Coast Trust and has the support of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Team, Dorset Countryside and the Natural History Museum.

Minutes of Strata Meeting 7th March 2007

Those present:
Nick Goulding, Keith Roker, Peter Cooper, Karen Delahay, Carlotta Barrow, Chris Burke, Wendy Wharam, Paul Angel and Lesley Licudi. Apologies from Matt Wilkinson, Sandy Clarke (we wish her success in her new location), Philippa Sherborne and Jane Ramsey.
Wine and welcome
Matters arising from meeting of 7th February
Minutes were available on the website. No matters arising.
Formation of Company
All paperwork regarding Directors, Company Secretary and Treasurer is underway and signatories have been agreed, essential forms have been signed. Keith apologised for the delay, information cannot be easily accessed and the process was much more time consuming than previously thought. It was agreed that Keith would complete the company formation through Company for a fee of £70 who will handle all the administration and legal cover. Membership fees that have already been agreed upon will pay the costs.
Peter emphasised the need for rapid action on this as Strata members who are applying for funding for projects would like to do so within the Strata company status. Karen said that those applying under Strata’s umbrella need to be very clear about charitable status.
Matt and Shannon will develop logos for headed paper, etc.
4. Website Development
Minutes will be available on Peter’s blog. Members should send any information to Peter to be included. Paul reported that development of the structure of the website was likely to be completed fairly soon after development of the Purbeck Art Week website. Paul, Shannon and Richard Jefferies are pooling their skills. He is also researching funding to allow Strata to pay people for their time and expertise rather than rely on volunteer work, Peter agreed and said that the Arts Council will expect to see admin costs, etc.
Paul and Karen thought that photos of the artists should be shown next to their work.
Wendy suggested and it was agreed that all arts should be represented on the site. Strata will promote all the arts and events such as Open Mic, dance, theatre, music and these should all be used to establish what Strata is all about.
Nick and Paul discussed ways of getting information out to people, Paul will work with Shannon and Richard on this. Karen will also provide support by emailing information to all.
Peter stressed the need for all to be kept informed of individual applications to avoid conflict and duplication.

5. Project Progress
Carlotta’s Artists Trail project is developing well and has featured in the Advertiser and The Echo. She showed the group a brochure of photos and writing that will be displayed, sites, Chris’s plans and Paul’s computer generated impression of how the displays will look. Chris and Carlotta have written to the Mowlem management submitting the brochure and are awaiting a response. They have funding for three projects, the first of which could be ready for Purbeck Arts Week. Chris said that the Heritage Centre will allow us to display a board but that they are still waiting to hear from Wessex Water. The Artists Trail team were thanked for all their hard work.
Wendy announced that Reghu is coming in April and has many bookings but sadly none in Purbeck. As Reghu will be coming every year and is keen to work in Purbeck Wendy would like him to be a member of Strata. This was agreed enthusiastically. Nick asked about the possibility of Reghu working in local schools including Purbeck View - Wendy will research. Wendy will write an article for local papers mentioning Strata. She will also discuss the possibility of a Spoken Word/Poetry Fair with Peter.
Peter said that the Open Mic sessions have been very successful and he is making many links including the Dorset Literature Network with a view to developing a Spoken Word Festival. Many significant writers and performers live within the area e.g. Elvis McGonagall. There was a general discussion about venues and timing aiming for next autumn or post Xmas, any ideas should be forwarded to Wendy and Peter.
Keith noted the success of the Landcrab Festival at the Mowlem and was struck by the potential for bringing people and significant events to the area using Strata’s resources. He has spoken to the organisers who are keen to develop this.
Peter thought it important to make an impact and suggested a sound launch to establish Strata professionally. Other organisations should be specifically invited with a view to establishing Strata as the lead organisation and gaining official recognition as such.
Paul suggested that the group work together to come up with a strong description of who we are and what we do, no more than 15 words, and all agreed to work on this.
6. Notices
Nick announced that Tara Dominick is running a creative development workshop at California Barn on 27th and 28th April.
Karen also announced a play reading with Tara and Jeremy Paul at California Barn on 31st March at 7.30.
7. Publicity
Wendy reported on a funding workshop that she attended and has sample forms etc available for anybody interested in applying for grants. This was handed to Karen as Treasurer, many thanks to Wendy.
Peter again stressed the importance of the Cultural Olympics as an opportunity for attracting “big art and big money”. Destination projects are needed urgently to attract people to Dorset and Swanage in particular.
Paul attended an Arts Council Funding Seminar and he would like a meeting at the Quarr Gallery to hand over information. Purbeck was described as an ideal area for attracting funds, giving us and ideal opportunity.
8. Future Meetings / Socials
The next Open Mic will be on Tuesday 20th March at 7.30.
Jem Maine at the Study Gallery is very keen to support Strata and would like to come and talk to us re: regional arts development, Nick will arrange this.
Wendy announced the Poetry Day at the Study Gallery on the 9th May and Reghu will be there.
9. Any Other Business
No other business.
Date of next meeting: Wednesday 4th April 2007 at 7.30 pm at the Quarr Gallery

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Living Creatively

From Tara Dominick

Revealing your Creative personality

A weekend of discovery exploring how to live your life more creatively

Friday April 27th - Sunday April 29th
At California Barn, Swanage

For full details

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Prequel to Cannes

Prequel to Cannes is a Film Festival Networking Party aimed at all filmmakers, performers, screenwriters, crew, bands, dancers and anyone wanting to network on film projects or wanting to discover how you can attend international film festivals and markets.

It is happening at The Study Gallery of Modern Art, Poole in Dorset. Supported by South West Screen, Borough of Poole Arts Development Unit, Southbank Publishing, The Writers' Guild of Great Britain and a host of other partners. SWS and The WGGB will be on hand to answer questions on either funding, membership or how to gain accreditation and will be holding pre-booked consultations bookable with your £10 ticket through Lighthouse, Poole on 08700 668701. This is a non-profit making event.

It takes place Thursday, 26th April, 2007 between 6 and 9.30 pm.

A Wall of Words will be available for scriptwriters' to pin up their treatments, pitches, log lines, synopses, maybe even first few pages of their script. In the Talent Circle performers, crew, composers or musicians looking to work in film or maybe talk about how they can get a music video made, or any other film associates, will also available to pin up their pictures CV's, past and present projects along with their preferences for future involvements.

Independent Producers, Directors and Production Companies will be present on the night looking to discuss or commit to new projects.

If you live in the Wessex area and work independently in the film industry this party is definitely for you.

Book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

Rosie Jones,
07763 988662

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Purbeck Arts News

This site is open to everybody interested in the creative world of Purbeck. Please feel free to add comments or messages. Just click on the "comments" link and I'll put them on the page.

Peter John Cooper

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sketch Dorset

Want to be creative? We want you to send us your artwork of Dorset for our new Sketch Dorset gallery.
Get your paint brushes out as the weather gets better and splash Dorset's beauty onto your canvas.
Dorset is full of inspiration for creative people. The countryside and the Jurassic coast are an artist's paradise.
Your weather photos have shown us how creative you are with your camera. Now we want you to help us build a gallery of artwork showing us picturesque Dorset.
Your artwork can be a detailed sketch or a simple doodle. Or you might want to make it vibrant and use acrylics, oils, pastels or watercolour. It's entirely your choice.Once you've created your masterpiece, we want you to take a digital photo of it and send it to us at :
Please include your name, location and the name of your artwork.
Don't have a digital camera handy? You can bring your artwork to us at the BBC Dorset office in Dorchester where we can take a snap of it.
Mike Hadley

Friday, February 16, 2007

Swanage Seen by Painters

Swanage Seen - display board mockups
Please note that these are only mockups at present - final text and layout to be agreed!

Purbeck Art Week 2007

"We hope you will take part so we can repeat the very successful event in 2005.

Our intention is to provide a quality selling opportunity for artists and galleries in this locality and to promote their work to both locals and the very large number of visitors that come here on holiday over the last May Bank Holiday weekend. We feel it is important to fill the gap in the interim years of Dorset Art Weeks to maintain some continuity of expectation in the minds of our visitors. We also want to give those artists who are unable or unwilling to exhibit at their place of work an opportunity to show their work by providing group exhibitions. Our shows at Rollington Barn are becoming increasingly successful and this year we also plan a themed group show at Slepe Farm. More info in due course! "

Date Saturday 26th May - Sunday 3 June 2007

For more information contact:

Antonia Phillips, 81 Queens Road, Swanage, BH19 2EP

Application form and fee to be received by Friday 23rd February.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Open Mike Happening Wednesday 21st February

Click on the image for full view

Stata Meeting 7th February 2007

Strata Arts Group Meetiung
7th February 2007 7.30 pm
Quarr Gallery

Those present::

Keith Roker, Phillipa Sherborne, Wendy Warham, Karen Delahay, Jonathan Sells, Shannon Ribbons, Peter John Cooper (minutes), Matt Wilkinson, Nick Goulding (Chair), Carlotta Barrow, Chris Burke. Paul Angel joined later

Jane Ramsey, Lesley Licudi, Antonia Phillips

2. Minutes of last meeting. No matters arising

3. Formation of company. The paperwork is now in place and just needs assembling and signing by putative directors. The following votes were taken:
i) That Strata should constitute itself as a group with a membership
Proposed: Nick Goulding
Seconded: Karen Delahay
Carried: Nem. Con.

ii) The membership fees until AGM should be £5 for individuals, £25 for corporate organisations. Concessions for members to include reduced rates for entrance to events and free web page on Strata web site.
Proposed: Wendy Warham
Seconded: Carlotta Barrow
Carried: Nem.Con.

It was agreed without a vote that the AGM should be September 2007.

iii) That a charitable company be set up with the following directors:
Matt Wilkinson, Paul, Angel, Nick Goulding, Lesley Licudi (Company Sectretary), Karen Delahay. Gary Suttle to act as Accountant
Proposed: Shannon Ribbons
Seconded: Keith Roker
Carried: Nem. Con.

4. Website. Shannon pointed out that no-one had yet contacted him with web-page requirements. Paul and Richard Jeffrey will meet with Shannon to talk about content management software. Peter and Matt will continue with content and diary.

5. Project Progress. Carlotta reported on continuing progress with the Paintings on the Prom. There had been a meeting with PDC who had come back with some objections to sites chosen. Planning is now the main hurdle to overcome. There are some alternatives to preferred sites. Carlotta was still planning for an unveiling of the first three sites by Purbeck Art Week..

It was suggested that these paintings could form the basis of a calendar and diary.

The Hoteliers had expressed interest in developing an Arts Festival in Swanage. The week before Art Week had been suggested. Keith urged Strata to get involved in planning for this. Karen agreed to communicate ith Hoteliers.

Matt announced a 2 day festival at Holton lee on 15th to 17th June.

The Youth and Community Centre is due to take delivery of a digital recording studio on Friday this week. Bookings can be made through Matt.

The Circus Skills School at the Youth and Community centre was in some danger of closing because of new booking arrangements by Dorset County Council. The School cannot afford new advance fees. It was suggested that this is an ideal subject for a grant application.

The first Open Mike Happening at Bar One proved to be a good evening with 25 people attending. The second happening will be downstairs at Alfie’s Restaurant on Wednesday 21st February at 7.30

Members were reminded that projects were required by the Creative Dorset partnership.

There is a Quiz Night at California Barn on 17th February. Everyone invited.

The Meeting running late, no further business was conducted.

Next meeting: Wednesday 7th March at 7.30 pm at Sandi Clarke's House.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Purbeck Art Week 2007

Purbeck Art Week is gearing up for 2007... Details will be forthcoming on costs and the like very soon, but it would help to have a better idea of who is likely to want to take part this year. Numbers affect size of brochure which affects costs. The last time we ran independently, costs were of the order of £70 to take part as an open studio and be listed individually in the brochure and website, and about £45 to be in the group show in Rollington. We hope to keep costs broadly similar, but I suspect a small increase is probable.

Our start for planning is everyone who took part (in the Purbecks) in DAW 2006, or the Rollington exhibition, or the Mowlem show in November (which we hope to repeat as a venue in PAW), or who came to the Corfe Castle meeting last week, or who figures on a very short list of names passed to Tony Viney over the last 9 months or so. Simple, eh?

If you think you are not in that list somewhere and want to express an interest in taking part - or you just want to be absolutely certain you are on our list, please reply to this email - this week if you can.

For the non-visual artists out there, you might want to think about how North Somerset Arts Week operate - they seem to successfully incorporate a small amount of music and poetry into the event, often sharing venues. No - we've no idea how that would work here but seems worth exploring.

hope that makes sense



Thursday, January 18, 2007

Strata - Down to Basics

Keith has suggested this wording for the objects of the Charity:

To advance the education of the public in the arts

the promotion for the benefit of the public of urban and rural regeneration in Purbeck by
a) the provision of financial assistance, technical assistance or business advice or consultancy in order to provide training and employment opportunities in cases of financial or other charitable need through help: (i) in setting up their own business, or (ii) to existing businesses.
b) the creation of training and employment opportunities by the provision of workspace, buildings and/or land for use on favourable terms

Peter has suggested this:

To promote, maintain improve and advance education in Purbeck by the promotion, production, performance and encouragement of the arts including, by way of example only and not limitation, drama, dance, music, singing,literature, sculpture, painting, photography and cinematography.

To provide facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupations inthe interests of social welfare with the object of improving the conditionsof life for the public at large and to heighten the understanding andappreciation of the arts among the inhabitants of Purbeck.

To promote the welfare of those working in the creative industries.

Can anyone come up with a compromise?

Open Mike

Twenty-five people turned up at Bar Onefor the first Open Mike spoken word evening. There were five readers plus Matt and Joe providing music (and PA so we had to let them have a go). Wonderful relaxed atmosphere. There were problems with sound levels so we continued from half time without Mike which worked just as well. However, Mike did give confidence to a couple of more timid readers. Everyone there was keen to make the evening a regular event but it depends on licensing application for Long (the bar owner). So next event may be Thursday Nights or Tuesdays at Crows Nest. Watch this space.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Warning to Artists

Watch out for a worrying scam directed at artists (and principally female artists) selling work over the internet.

The operation seems to go like this:
The artist is approached for details of artworks for sale and after a number of e.mails an offer is made to purchase a number for a private collection. The payment will be by bankers draft which appears to be watertight when it arrives. Arrangements are made for pick up by a carrier company. The only wrinkle is that the bankers draft or cheque appears to be made out for too much. The artist is asked to return the overpayment by Western Union. Of course, the cheque bounces or is refused because it is stolen.

The wise artist does not do anything with their artwork or make repayments until any cheque has been safely cleared.

Carlotta Barrow of Waterside Studios in Swanage was too wise to fall for the scam but she was able to make one or two useful observations. The con artist went to a lot of time and trouble to set up the mark ( grooming). The closer to the deadline the more anxious and agressive he became. He had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to make the operation look believable (except for a wildly inappropriate name).

It looks as though something like fourteen artists have been approached this way in Dorset. It is probable that names are being selected from the Dorset Art Weeks website.

If you are approached in this way inform Dorset Trading Standards and, if money has changed hands, the police.

Be on your guard but don't lose any sleep

Strata Meeting 3rd January 2007

Those present:
Nick Goulding
Carlotta Barrow
Chris Burke
Peter Cooper
Sandie Clarke
Philippa Keeling (and dog)
Karen Delahay (Joined later)

Keith Roker
Jane Ramsey
Lesley Licudi

1) Happy New Year to all artists in Purbeck

2) “Papers for company formation must be submitted before next meeting on 7th February”
Proposed Chris Burke
Seconded Nick Goulding
Carried unanimously
Nick Goulding undertook to talk to company formation group

3) Purbeck Arts Week meeting. 2 o’clock at the Square and Compass

4) Carlotta reported on progress with the Paintings on the Prom Project. Would like a snappy title for the project.
Also needs a subcommittee of Strata set up to drive things forward.
The aim is to have the unveiling during Purbeck Arts Week

5) Philippa reported the Purbeck Strings Festival would be March 17th and 18th
The Purbeck Strings website is currently being updated.

6) Karen suggested we look at some day out visits to arts venues and thought we might like to consider the Goodwood Sculpture Park in Sussex.
Peter reminded the meeting of the Activate Theatre visits which are available for subsidised prices

7) It was agreed that there be a new regular agenda item on fundraising.

8) Peter reminded everyone of the Open Mike Evening at Bar One on Tuesday 16th starting at 7.30. Bring your poetry to read and dress in 1960s beatnik style.

Next Meetings Wednesday 7th February
Sandie Clarke invited everyone to meet at her house for Strata meeting on 7th March

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Don't Forget

Meeting this Wednesday January 3rd 7.30 at Quarr Gallery.

Let's make a New year's Resolution to make Strata happen. We need to go public in Purbeck very soon and get all those other organisations and artists on board. We need artists from Wareham and the outlying areas. You've all got a project that you want to happen - an exhibition, a performance, something to publish and you need help. A strong Strata can back up your application for funding. The money is out there and the funding bodies want to put more money into Purbeck. This is your chance to get your mitts on some of it.