Friday, January 19, 2007

Purbeck Art Week 2007

Purbeck Art Week is gearing up for 2007... Details will be forthcoming on costs and the like very soon, but it would help to have a better idea of who is likely to want to take part this year. Numbers affect size of brochure which affects costs. The last time we ran independently, costs were of the order of £70 to take part as an open studio and be listed individually in the brochure and website, and about £45 to be in the group show in Rollington. We hope to keep costs broadly similar, but I suspect a small increase is probable.

Our start for planning is everyone who took part (in the Purbecks) in DAW 2006, or the Rollington exhibition, or the Mowlem show in November (which we hope to repeat as a venue in PAW), or who came to the Corfe Castle meeting last week, or who figures on a very short list of names passed to Tony Viney over the last 9 months or so. Simple, eh?

If you think you are not in that list somewhere and want to express an interest in taking part - or you just want to be absolutely certain you are on our list, please reply to this email - this week if you can.

For the non-visual artists out there, you might want to think about how North Somerset Arts Week operate - they seem to successfully incorporate a small amount of music and poetry into the event, often sharing venues. No - we've no idea how that would work here but seems worth exploring.

hope that makes sense



Thursday, January 18, 2007

Strata - Down to Basics

Keith has suggested this wording for the objects of the Charity:

To advance the education of the public in the arts

the promotion for the benefit of the public of urban and rural regeneration in Purbeck by
a) the provision of financial assistance, technical assistance or business advice or consultancy in order to provide training and employment opportunities in cases of financial or other charitable need through help: (i) in setting up their own business, or (ii) to existing businesses.
b) the creation of training and employment opportunities by the provision of workspace, buildings and/or land for use on favourable terms

Peter has suggested this:

To promote, maintain improve and advance education in Purbeck by the promotion, production, performance and encouragement of the arts including, by way of example only and not limitation, drama, dance, music, singing,literature, sculpture, painting, photography and cinematography.

To provide facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupations inthe interests of social welfare with the object of improving the conditionsof life for the public at large and to heighten the understanding andappreciation of the arts among the inhabitants of Purbeck.

To promote the welfare of those working in the creative industries.

Can anyone come up with a compromise?

Open Mike

Twenty-five people turned up at Bar Onefor the first Open Mike spoken word evening. There were five readers plus Matt and Joe providing music (and PA so we had to let them have a go). Wonderful relaxed atmosphere. There were problems with sound levels so we continued from half time without Mike which worked just as well. However, Mike did give confidence to a couple of more timid readers. Everyone there was keen to make the evening a regular event but it depends on licensing application for Long (the bar owner). So next event may be Thursday Nights or Tuesdays at Crows Nest. Watch this space.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Warning to Artists

Watch out for a worrying scam directed at artists (and principally female artists) selling work over the internet.

The operation seems to go like this:
The artist is approached for details of artworks for sale and after a number of e.mails an offer is made to purchase a number for a private collection. The payment will be by bankers draft which appears to be watertight when it arrives. Arrangements are made for pick up by a carrier company. The only wrinkle is that the bankers draft or cheque appears to be made out for too much. The artist is asked to return the overpayment by Western Union. Of course, the cheque bounces or is refused because it is stolen.

The wise artist does not do anything with their artwork or make repayments until any cheque has been safely cleared.

Carlotta Barrow of Waterside Studios in Swanage was too wise to fall for the scam but she was able to make one or two useful observations. The con artist went to a lot of time and trouble to set up the mark ( grooming). The closer to the deadline the more anxious and agressive he became. He had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to make the operation look believable (except for a wildly inappropriate name).

It looks as though something like fourteen artists have been approached this way in Dorset. It is probable that names are being selected from the Dorset Art Weeks website.

If you are approached in this way inform Dorset Trading Standards and, if money has changed hands, the police.

Be on your guard but don't lose any sleep

Strata Meeting 3rd January 2007

Those present:
Nick Goulding
Carlotta Barrow
Chris Burke
Peter Cooper
Sandie Clarke
Philippa Keeling (and dog)
Karen Delahay (Joined later)

Keith Roker
Jane Ramsey
Lesley Licudi

1) Happy New Year to all artists in Purbeck

2) “Papers for company formation must be submitted before next meeting on 7th February”
Proposed Chris Burke
Seconded Nick Goulding
Carried unanimously
Nick Goulding undertook to talk to company formation group

3) Purbeck Arts Week meeting. 2 o’clock at the Square and Compass

4) Carlotta reported on progress with the Paintings on the Prom Project. Would like a snappy title for the project.
Also needs a subcommittee of Strata set up to drive things forward.
The aim is to have the unveiling during Purbeck Arts Week

5) Philippa reported the Purbeck Strings Festival would be March 17th and 18th
The Purbeck Strings website is currently being updated.

6) Karen suggested we look at some day out visits to arts venues and thought we might like to consider the Goodwood Sculpture Park in Sussex.
Peter reminded the meeting of the Activate Theatre visits which are available for subsidised prices

7) It was agreed that there be a new regular agenda item on fundraising.

8) Peter reminded everyone of the Open Mike Evening at Bar One on Tuesday 16th starting at 7.30. Bring your poetry to read and dress in 1960s beatnik style.

Next Meetings Wednesday 7th February
Sandie Clarke invited everyone to meet at her house for Strata meeting on 7th March

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Don't Forget

Meeting this Wednesday January 3rd 7.30 at Quarr Gallery.

Let's make a New year's Resolution to make Strata happen. We need to go public in Purbeck very soon and get all those other organisations and artists on board. We need artists from Wareham and the outlying areas. You've all got a project that you want to happen - an exhibition, a performance, something to publish and you need help. A strong Strata can back up your application for funding. The money is out there and the funding bodies want to put more money into Purbeck. This is your chance to get your mitts on some of it.