Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dorset Artists 2012

Decisions are being made now on how resources are allocated for the Cultural Olympiad 2012. Have you been invited to put your ideas forward? Did you even know it was happening? Probably not.
The Cultural Olympiad in 2012 is a once-in-many-generations opportunity to overcome the chronic underfunding of Dorset arts. We have launched a network called “Dorset Artists 2012” to make sure that Dorset artists and projects are given the opportunity to take part in this international event. If we can get 100 Dorset artists and supporters to join together then our voices will be heard in Exeter and London where these decisions are being made now.
Contact Peter John Cooper
Or join Facebook site “Dorset Artists 2012”
I hope to have a website up and running shortly that will aim to bring together ideas and to pass on information about where to apply to and what you need to do to get support.