Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Meeting for Swanage Artists

For some time now we have been grumbling about various arts and cultural issues in Swanage. We all know that there is a considerable amount of public funding that Swanage has missed out on, we also know that there are serious problems with lack of studio and workshop space. We all saw the contempt that PDC treated us with when they produced their Cultural Strategy. Well, nothing’s going to happen on its own so I’m proposing setting up an Arts development Organisation in Swanage that will help promote the arts within the community, develop new funding opportunities and help in the education and training of young and aspiring artists. Back in the autumn there was a terrific turnout of Arts practitioners and interested parties to the Jurassic Coast Arts meeting. Let’s capitalise on that and get together. I’m suggesting a meeting on Wednesday 8th February at the Quarr gallery 17 High Street Swanage at 7.30. If necessary, we’ll move on to a suitable hostelry. The meeting is open to all practising artists (that is musicians, writers, sculptors, actors, performance artists, dancers, painters, photographers) and anyone else interested in developing the Arts in Swanage for the 21st Century. If we can organise ourselves into some sort of recognisable body we will hold a larger meeting in a couple of months to which we can invite the Great and the Good.