Thursday, February 16, 2006

What happened when we got together

The meeting attracted about 20 people from a variety of art fields. It was a very open and informal meeting and not one which was conducive to producing detailed minutes.Although it was generally felt that the town needs some form of organisation for the arts there are a number of views on the form this should take without duplicating what is already here, for example the Arts Club. Some people felt that regular informal gatherings for networking and the exchange of information and ideas would be worth having. A web site and a regular newsletter were suggested and supported. The possibility of establishing and marketing a Purbeck arts brand was raised and the context of arts in the area in general were discussed, although it was clear that progress on this would involve setting up some form of organisation.It was agreed to have another meeting on Tuesday 2 March at 7.30 at the same venue to carry matters on.This will look at would would be entailed in establishing a more formal organisation for which the following detailed objectives have been suggested:"We will deliver workshops, masterclasses and other learning events for practising and aspiring artists. We will seek to fund commissions for new work and actively promote commissions from other organisations and agencies. We will review and, where possible, provide resources and facilities for learning about the arts and for acquiring art skills for children, young people and adults who otherwise would not have access to such facilities. We will offer a marketing resource for practising artists in swanage and Purbeck, creating a Purbeck Arts Brand or similar umbrella resource. To further this end we will work with established agencies such as South West Arts Marketing. We will encourage the awareness of the arts in Swanage through prizes, competitions, exhibitions and other events. We will work with such agencies as are available to deliver these or we will instigate and run our own events where no partner agency or organisation is available. To achieve this we will employ any such staff as might be neccessary. We will act as a support agency and clearing house for artists applications to grant giving bodies. We will help development of personal, business and marketing skills for artists and would support an artists’ mentoring scheme such as that run by The Arts Matrix."