Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Elvis is in House (Square and Compass anyway)

TheBlue Suede SporranClub
(it’s poetry jim - but not as we know it! and it’s free!)
@ the square & compass,
worth matravers, dorset

thursday 26th july @8.30pm

hosted by Elvis McGonagall
(World Slam Champion, Radio 4 “Saturday Live” regular
and poet-in-residence at the Graceland Caravan Park)

and starring
Ms Rachel Pantechnicon
(surprisingly attractive 40 year old ingénue specialising in motivational poems for cats and for people. Some with illustrations. “I was weeing myself” – Sue Perkins)
Mr AF Harrold
(an English eccentric who does things that are unusual on the stage, at home and in the bath. “Made me cry” – Leonard Cohen, “Illuminates nothing” – The Nail)
and Spoz
(a self-appointed ambassador for Birmingham, as well as the city’s current poet laureate – but don’t let that put you off. Let his poems do that for you instead. “Bostin’” – as they say in Brum)

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a blue suede sporran production

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