Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No More Arts in Worth?

The Worth Centre has been sold to a property developer and there is a current application in at the Council to re-develop it into 4 Residential Dwellings.

Apparently the community of Worth and, in fact, many residents of Purbeck, feel that this application should be opposed.

The main opposition is to the Change of Use, from Business to Residential, as it will mean the loss of local employment opportunities and of course the loss of opportunity for local artists to have another venue at which they can exhibit.

The general feel is that perhaps the business has never been realised to its full potential and that now is the time and opportunity for that to happen.
If this Application is approved this opportunity will be lost forever as there seems to be no other site available for business in Worth.

If you are interested follow this link for more information, the fuller story and examples of letters of opposition that have already been sent in.


The person to send letters to is Ros Drane (rosdrane@purbeck-dc.gov.uk)

Thanks for taking the time to read this. It maybe doesn't affect you directly but is perhaps an opportunity for one community to help another for Art's sake.

Kind Regards

Kate Cross

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