Friday, January 19, 2007

Purbeck Art Week 2007

Purbeck Art Week is gearing up for 2007... Details will be forthcoming on costs and the like very soon, but it would help to have a better idea of who is likely to want to take part this year. Numbers affect size of brochure which affects costs. The last time we ran independently, costs were of the order of £70 to take part as an open studio and be listed individually in the brochure and website, and about £45 to be in the group show in Rollington. We hope to keep costs broadly similar, but I suspect a small increase is probable.

Our start for planning is everyone who took part (in the Purbecks) in DAW 2006, or the Rollington exhibition, or the Mowlem show in November (which we hope to repeat as a venue in PAW), or who came to the Corfe Castle meeting last week, or who figures on a very short list of names passed to Tony Viney over the last 9 months or so. Simple, eh?

If you think you are not in that list somewhere and want to express an interest in taking part - or you just want to be absolutely certain you are on our list, please reply to this email - this week if you can.

For the non-visual artists out there, you might want to think about how North Somerset Arts Week operate - they seem to successfully incorporate a small amount of music and poetry into the event, often sharing venues. No - we've no idea how that would work here but seems worth exploring.

hope that makes sense



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Petra said...

I REALLY REALLY would like to attend, only just discovered the dates for this year. Where can I get hold of you?