Monday, November 05, 2007

Bridport Slam

Attention Purbeck! Peter John Cooper is taking part in the Bridport Slam. I need all the support I can get. Please come along if you possibly can. I'll even give you a lift. I will be up against the best of the best so come and make a noise. below are details of how it works......


Where: Bridport Arts Centre, South Street, Bridport, Dorset

When: Friday November 16th @ 7.30pm

Could all slammers please try to arrive by 6.30pm (7pm by the very latest).

Any problems on the night please call Richard on 07939-044086 or the venue on 01308-424024.

12 slammers each performing twice.

There will be two rounds of three minutes each per poet.

The 3 minutes start as soon as you speak on the mic, ie it includes any introductions you might want to give the poem.

Order of performance will be drawn on or before the night and will be reversed in the second round.

5 judges will be chosen at random from the audience and briefed to award marks based on quality of writing, performance and audience reaction.

No friends/family of any slammers will be chosen as judges. If you have any friends/family in the audience please ensure that they know that they can’t agree to be a judge if asked.

Please encourage as many friends/family/strangers to come along and support.

The top and bottom marks awarded by the 5 judges will be discounted (to avoid any potentially bizarre judging) and the middle three scores (which could range from 0.0 to 10.0) added together.

A “sacrificial” poet will perform before the slam starts and will be awarded by points by the judges so they can get an idea of what’s expected of them.

There will be a 10 second grace period before any penalty points kick in. Thereafter there will be a 1 point penalty for every 10 seconds overtime ie if your poem is 3 minutes 9 seconds you’re fine but if it’s 3 minutes 11 seconds you lose 1 point, 3 minutes 21 seconds, 2 points etc.

The winner of the slam will be the poet with the highest aggregate score overall, ie the two rounds added together.

If there is a tie there will be a sudden death play-off between the relevant poets (so have a third poem up your sleeve).

The winner will receive £100 and an Apples & Snakes gig in 2008 and will have the opportunity to perform a third poem on the night.

Everyone else will receive adulation from the audience.

As well as the Slam there will appearances from special guests including the inimitable Byron Vincent and a top poet from the USA and a short set featuring performances from some of the participants in a youth slam workshop run earlier in the day.

MC - the 2006 World Slam Champion and Radio 4 regular Elvis McGonagall.

If you haven’t already done so could you please confirm that you’re able to take part asap by email to: Richard at Apples & Snakes South-West -

Equally, if you can’t now take part, no problem just email me asap so I can let the next person on the waiting list know.

And finally, a couple of tips for anyone who hasn’t slammed before:

1 – Time your poems beforehand.

2 – If they’re comic poems allow for audience laughter – it’ll make the poem longer.

Any problems/questions – give me a shout on the email address above.