Monday, September 24, 2007

Here's Your Chance. Be a roadie........

I'm looking for a Roadie.
Now I’m starting to do a few gigs round the area - and being disabled, though I can walk a bit – I’m looking for help to get me there with my equipment. That’s a keyboard, PA and a couple of stands. It’s all relatively lightweight, nothing weighs more than about 35 lbs/15 kg.
So you’ll need a car or other vehicle and to be able to carry stuff. I’m looking for a few different people to do a bit now and then, unless I can find just one reliable person.
There’s money in it for you too!
You can contact me on 01929 422338.
Best Wishes,
Steve Darrington
PS the new festival's looking good, see I've just added Ocean's Seven, a 7 piece Jump Jive outfit with members of Jools Holland's band, for the Kings Bar!

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