Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Attention Writers

The next South West New Writing Network Meeting will be held at the Lighthouse Poole on July 6th from 1.30pm – 4pm at the Lighthouse in Poole. The South West New Writing Network is a network of writers and producers from throughout the South West region. We meet quarterly in different parts of the south west to update each other on what we’re doing, network, and discuss emerging issues. We’ve also had some workshops and other events, and are seeding more for the future. The network first came out of an invitation in Spring 2004 by the playwright Kaite O’Reilly and some of her colleagues at Exeter University to meet with them to begin discussions on new theatre writing across the South West. The intention was to explore what is happening and what is not and what might be done. Specifically - we hoped, over time, to foster better connections between activity and initiatives that happen across a very large area. The network’s membership is now at around 150 playwrights and producers and is growing all the time. Members meet when they can at the regional meetings, but are also kept up to date with information through an email list. In December 2005 we were awarded money by Arts Council England to continue to fund and develop the network. This money is now coming to an end, but we are currently working with Theatre South West on a bid to fund a further 18 months worth of activity. It would be wonderful if you would be interested in coming along to this meeting. Please let me know if you are interested in hearing more, or if you cannot make the meeting, would like to be added onto the email list and kept up to date.

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