Monday, November 20, 2006

Swanage Seen by Painters

Swanage Town Council has unanimously agreed to support Strata's project for a number of "interpretation displays" showing paintings of Swanage and the locality. Each display will have a print of the view from that position and a note about the artist. Swanage has been inspiring artists for at least the last two centuries and many major figures in landscape art have worked here. We hope they will make a coherent "art trail" showing something of the development of landscape painting in that period. Painters likely to feature include Augustus John, Paul Nash and Graham Sutherland. Details of design remain to be worked out. In an area as visually sensitive as this each may have to be designed for its surroundings. A small panel of Strata members and councillors is to be formed to take the project forward. The project is the iniative of Strata member Carlotta Barrow.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Something to Say?

If you've got any snippets of information or news about the Arts in Swanage and Purbeck, please feel free to post a comment here. We'd also like to see reviews of shows and events and notices of anything interesting coming up. Oh, and please sign all submissions and comments (I won't publish them otherwise)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This is something really special. REGHU NADHAN will be giving a Kathakali dance demonstration. Reghu is over here to promote his workshops and is giving a small number of demonstrations. Here is how the whole performance is described :
"a ‘fascinating insight into the ancient dance-theatre of South India, performed only in Kerala. This is a unique opportunity to see a master practitioner perform the play POOTHANHA MOKSHAM ….which tells how the baby Krishna overpowers a fearsome demon….. echoes of Commedia del’Arte, pantomime, Punch @ Judy, Buster Keaton and grand opera..aKrishna, best-beloved of all the Hindu gods, overpowers many demons. Poothana is the first of them…. and he’s only three months old.‘You become totally involved, entranced by the whole magical process, from the demonstration of the mudras (hand language of Kathakali) to the story-telling and the transformation of the actor as he applies his make-up and ravishing costume. From the time the hypnotic drumming begins, you are drawn into that other world where gods and demons come to play."
Reghu's website is at

The session will he held at the Catholic Church Hall, Rempston Road, Swanage starting at 7.30pm. there will be a charge of £3.50 for this event but will be a complimentary glass of wine.

Added Later:

This was a fantastic evening (see comments). Here is a picture that Richard Jefferey took despite the rather poor lighting conditions:

Monday, November 13, 2006

New Contact List

Here is the updated list of contacts. Please contact me via e.mail or via this site for more artists who live or work in Swanage and Purbeck. If you’re not in the network how will you know what’s going on?

Paul Angel
Digital Photography
01202 421080

Carlotta Barrow
Stone Carving, Painting
Waterside Studio,
Peveril Point,
BH19 2AY.
01929 425967

Freya Boyesen
Visual Artist

Chris Burke

Gillian Bathe
Art /design teacher not resident but paints here.
Exhibition ' The Sea forChristmas' at Salisbury Library in December (all Purbeck Coastal subjects)

Carol Childs
Contemporary Artist
07709 492255

Steve Darrington.
Musician and Swanage Blues Festival supremo
01929 422338

Karen Delahay
Artiststudio/rehearsal/meetings space
artists friendly accommodation available.

Fire, Light and Music Experience
07880 626155 (For bookings and questions)

Richard Jeffery
photographer and 3D artist, webdesign
is work from some of the groups I have worked with

Tony Kerins
84 Kings Road,
BH19 1HR,
01929 425131

Ian Lowson
12a Institute Road
BH19 1BX

Sinead O'Neill
01929 426042

Jeremy Paul
01929 426688

Purbeck String Festival
Susan Stanford - Artistic Director
01929 426931

Quarr Gallery
Keith and Jane
17 High Street,
BH19 2LP
01929 423450

Tara Randall
The Artist's Way Creative Cluster

The Ranger School of Dance
Dance and performance arts
01929 423436 / 01929 421510

Shannon Ribbons
Off On One designs and produces websites, creates animations and makes pictures
(01929) 424026
mobile: 07733361908

Ray Sargent
Actor, Musician,One Man Shows
01202 604598

Spyway Projects
Peter Cooper, Annette Sumption
38 Princess Road Flat 1
86 High Street
BH19 2NY
01929 424428

Tidal Studios
Kate Cross
Design, print, promotion
01929 421535

Tony Viney
leaves no stone unturned

Wendy Wharam
Artist, Writer, Story Teller
01929 426423

Matt Wilkinson
Strata Director
FLAME Director
07880 626155

Samantha Woodford
01929 421658

Sarah Wootton
Textile Artist
Toms Field Campsite.
Toms Field Road .
Langton Matravers.
01929 427110

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Swanage Centre of the Art Universe

What a brilliant weekend for the arts in Swanage. Friday night we all repaired to Quarr gallery for the preview of the new exhibition and the official unveiling of the portrait of Keith and Jane by Freya Boyesen. The picture was fantastic as was the rest of the exhibition. Freya's contact is: should you want a portrait of your own. There was a great turn out, we all had a glass or two of wine and went home very happy. By the way, Happy Birthday, Keith.

Saturday lunch time we repaired to the Mowlem Community Room where there was an exhibition bysome of the more established Purbeck artists. It really showed that Art can happen in the Mowlem but it takes a lot of hard work.

I gather there was live music and fun in the evening but I had to forgo that in order to attend the official opening of the Ranger School of Dance studio. We had cake and another glass or two of wine. The new studio is a tremendous piece of work and by dint of a lot of fundraising we now have a state of the art studio with proper facilities. Over the last forty years, June Ranger and now her daughter Caroline, have probably done as much as anybody to promote quality of the arts in Swanage. Generations of her pupils have gone on to professional careers or just to appreciate excellence in dance as audiences. June has also done her bit to support other arts activities and has always tried to drive up standards. Good for her and all the friends and supporters of the school. The next part of the project is to equip the upstairs as a small music studio or rehearsal space. It will cost in the region of £30,000 so let's do what we can to help.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Friday 3rd November
All Saints Church (Ulwell)
7.30 start
Fundraiser for Skate Park

Moonlight Performance Cancelled

Hello Chums!
Sorry to say that this Friday's performance at the Moonlight Bistro (Nov 3) has been cancelled due to circumstances etc.
We intend to re-start live music there in the New Year.
Best Wishes,
Steve Darrington
01929 422338