Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Strata Meeting 6th september

Those present:
Nick Goulding, Keith Roker, Jane Roker, Peter Cooper, Carlotta Barrow, Chris Burke, Paul Angel, Ian Lowson, Jane Lowson, Matt Wilkinson, Karen Delahay, Kate Cross, Paul Burrows, Robert Diment-Davies and Lesley Licudi
Wine and welcome
Matters arising from meeting of 2nd August (no minutes available)
It was generally agreed that a £2 contribution per meeting should be raised to cover minor expenses.

Formalising company status
Keith Roker stressed the need to place the group on a formal footing as the group is expanding. It will be necessary to set up a company limited by guarantee, with charitable aims. Keith also stressed the importance of having professional advice on the set up process.
Various members of the group suggested suitable organisations who may be able to offer advice and models.
It was agreed that the following Wednesday a meeting would be held between Nick Goulding, Karen Delahay, Matt Wilkinson and Keith Roker to evaluate existing information, establish company status and identify possible company roles and responsibilities.

Website Development
Members of Strata had viewed the website currently being developed by Shannon Ribbons and were very impressed by the progress so far. It was agreed that members should provide content as soon as possible either directly to Shannon or via Quarr Gallery.
Karen agreed to send her Strata newsletters to Shannon.
Contact details for members including links were encouraged. Various useful links to the Strata website were discussed such as Virtual Swanage, My Space and YOUTOBE.COM.
Peter Cooper referred to his current blog and that he was representing the group at various meetings including the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Carlotta Barrow updated the group on progress with the Wessex Water site Arts Project. She had made contact with Wessex Water and further research was needed in terms of costings and details of current and former artists’ work. There was a general discussion regarding links with other galleries such as the Tate (where artists linked to Purbeck are exhibited) and possibilities for sponsorship.
A folder of significant artwork linked to Purbeck has been compiled in Quarr Gallery and any new additions would be welcome.
It was agreed by all that any independent projects linked to Strata should be included under the Strata umbrella.
Karen Delahay offered her studio for hire for various arts projects/workshops.
Other possible projects were referred to e.g a link with India, the Turkish Arts Centre and Matt W spoke about African Drum Workshops, Circus Skills and flame fire shows.

Artists Way Support Group
Nick informed the group about a new creative cluster group facilitated by Tara Randall focussed on the book by Julia Cameron, The Artists Way. This group will be meeting at the Quarr Gallery every Thursday evening from 7pm until 9pm, all are invited.

Arts Centre Development
Karen D reported to the group on early progress regarding a possible Arts Centre at the rear of Swanage Library. The Swanage Parish Plan would need to be in place, Karen has spoken to the Council and was told there would be a delay of at least two months before any progress would be made. The need for Strata to be actively involved in any such development was highlighted strongly. Karen agreed to represent Strata and feedback any developments to the group.
Frustrations were expressed by several members regarding the Pierhead Development plans and missed opportunities for involving the arts. Members agreed that the owner of the Pierhead land should be invited to discuss the issue with the group.

Nick reminded the group that the Strata social evenings occur every month two weeks after the formal meeting and all are welcome. He thanked Jane and Keith for all their hard work in organising these very successful events. Keith suggested the Cellar Bar as a future venue, with entertainments.
Any Other Business
Matt suggested Strata involvement in the up and coming Folk Festival, it was agreed that we should aim for this next year as there was no time to organise anything.
Several people expressed the need for advertising and publicity for Strata and its members. It was agreed that suggestions should be e-mailed to Karen and Publicity would be on the agenda for the next meeting.
It was agreed that before making significant representations to other arts groups etc company status should be in place.
Peter invited all to provide him with contact details for his Arts In Swanage blog.
Date of next meeting: Wednesday 4th October 2006 at 7.30 pm at the Quarr Gallery

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