Friday, October 06, 2006

Creative Dorset

Creative Dorset - a new programme to support creativity in Dorset. Dorset County Council and partners are pleased to announce that they will soon be launching a new specialist development service for creative and cultural businesses, organisations and practitioners in Dorset. This new service - Creative Dorset - will provide a programme of specialist advice,information and guidance, networking and showcasing opportunities. The aim of Creative Dorset is to help the creative and cultural sector to grow and to have a more positive impact on the economy and communities of the County. To 'hit the ground running', Creative Dorset needs to know more about who the practitioners and businesses are that live and work in the County, who they are working with and the types of work they are doing. They also need to know what these businesses and creative individuals require in order to help them prosper and grow.Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been asked to undertake a piece of work to build a database containing details of the Dorset cultural and creative sector. This database will provide Creative Dorset with some of the intelligence they need so they can start working as soon as they are launched. To register your details and let Creative Dorset know about your work and the support you need, please complete and return the form which you can download here:
Your input in vital as gathering this information will help to ensure that projects and services are dedicated to the needs of cultural and creative individuals, businesses and organisations in the County.If you have already received details about the Creative Dorset and have completed, and returned a form to us, thank you. We are still updating the database with the returns, which is why you may be receiving information for the second time.If this is the first time you are hearing about the initiative or you have not yet completed and returned a form, we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Tracey Gregory
Associate Consultant
Tom Fleming Creative Consultancytelephone 1 07989 565190 email

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