Monday, November 20, 2006

Swanage Seen by Painters

Swanage Town Council has unanimously agreed to support Strata's project for a number of "interpretation displays" showing paintings of Swanage and the locality. Each display will have a print of the view from that position and a note about the artist. Swanage has been inspiring artists for at least the last two centuries and many major figures in landscape art have worked here. We hope they will make a coherent "art trail" showing something of the development of landscape painting in that period. Painters likely to feature include Augustus John, Paul Nash and Graham Sutherland. Details of design remain to be worked out. In an area as visually sensitive as this each may have to be designed for its surroundings. A small panel of Strata members and councillors is to be formed to take the project forward. The project is the iniative of Strata member Carlotta Barrow.

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