Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Contacts for Artists

After last week’s Strata meeting I thought it might be a good idea to circulate contacts for everybody. Why don’t you send me your website and contact details and I’ll e.mail them round. I will also start a list on my this site until we get the Strata website up and running. For obvious reasons, I won’t include anyone who doesn’t actually contact me to OK it. I am on several arts groups and mailing lists and I do hear about interesting opportunities so if you to hear about them as well then contact me.


Anonymous said...

I have a number of paintings by Nigs Heber Lloyd who was a local artist which we bought in Swanage about 5 years ago. I can't find his name /work anywhere - have you heard of him - is he still there as would very much like to purchase more art of his.

Thank you
Becky Marriott

Anonymous said...

Martin the Model

I am a 50 year-old male living just outside Sherborne in Dorset,
5’ 10” tall, and of reasonable build. I am ex-forces, ex-NHS, ex-Researcher et al, and I consider myself an experienced model with a good reputation.

I try to make a living from modelling and enjoy the challenge. I studied art at A’Level and life drawing was part of our course, and I have continued to life-draw and cartoon sporadically over the years. I began to model in the very early spring of 2007 and now have regular clients and a healthy work-load.

I am reliable and timely, happy to place myself in an imaginative pose if asked, and I can stay still. I will chatter if chatted to, but also know when to remain silent. I will pose privately on a one-to-one basis if necessary, and I particularly enjoy group or class work. I will life-pose for drawing, painting or sculpture, and will work during the day, evenings, and weekends. I occasionally pose for portrait but do not work with photographers as yet.

I think that I am a likable chap who will do his best to please, and hope that I may hear from you.

Please contact me as follows:
Landline: 01935 813127 (has answerphone)

P.S. I charge £12.00 per hour (in cash please) and ask for a reasonable gesture towards my petrol
Negotiable due to present political climate, curse it!!!

My fee is negotiable at present (within reason) due to the rotten economy!!!