Saturday, August 20, 2005

Other Cultural Strategies

I was trawling through Google when I came across the Cultural Strategy for West Berkshire. They seem to take culture much more seriously there so much so that they have produced a separate Arts Strategy leaving the body of the cultural strategy to deal with "Quality of Life" Issues.

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Keith Roker said...

The opinion survey done by PDC showed that the issue which concerns more people than any other was activities for the young.

Swanage has a very impressive number of cultural organisations but apart from the small number with youth sections, or those which exist to work with young people, how many make an on-going effort to make their activities attractive to the young?

I have often heard adults complain that this or that organisation is an inward looking clique with no interest in new members so its easy to imagine the gulf seperating them from kids.

If those interested in the arts keep their activities remote from areas of public concern like this its hardly surprising the District Council can regard them as totally marginal to its priorities.